Who am I ?

I have always been fascinated by the human being, this strange creature evolving, with all its richness and complexity, in a reality which it tries to give sense to. I pursued a degree in Psychological Sciences, to understand what seemed to me the most complex to understand: the human psyche.

I continued my exploration of the human through different complementary means.

I worked in the training sector, with diverse audiences in various fields of expertise. I thus touched the wealth of the areas that the Man approaches, the will and the strength he is making to go forward. I myself followed training giving me new therapeutic tools. english speaker Hypnologist Forest Hypnotherapist  Forest

I read and write, to observe the life that unravels on paper. Hypnologist Forest

I practice music and singing, experienced the emotions they evoke.

I move, dance, massage, am massaged, explore the sensation of the body in motion.

I contribute to community projects who believe in the human.

I am a dad and see my two wonderful daughters grow every day.
This naturally led me to gradually return to a holistic therapeutic practice that combines these experiences: faith in man and his future; overall work with the singularity of each; integration of the body, mind, emotions, and spirituality of the patient in the work; use of plural tools to diversify lines of work.


  • I provide tools to support you in different situations you encounter:
  • psychotherapy techniques (genogram, role play, dream analysis …);
  • strategic conversational hypnosis (PTR);
  • relaxing and therapeutic massage;
  • static and dynamic mindfulness (meditation, QiGong);
  • energy work; Hypnologist Forest
  • free expression (drawing, voice, dance …).

Indications Hypnologist 

I accompany you through the steps you take, at your own pace:

  • thoughts about you, your way, your essence;
  • relational questions (couple, family, friendship …);
  • living the emotions;  Emmanuel Donnet – Hypnologist 
  • depression and burnout, when your whole being says ‘stop’;
  • school issues.